Our Story

Homesteaded in 1917, the Roush Ranch in NE Wyoming continues its legacy, supporting cattle and its 6th generation of Roush family. Traditional ranch management practices have evolved through the years to keep up with industry standards, but now we question those standards and realize that change must occur to improve our ability to remain on and transition this land to the next generation.

We’ve been inspired by regenerative grazing practices to improve soil health, grass production and water reserves and intimately felt the effects of not utilizing such practices when severe drought hit in 2021. The process of developing regenerative grazing practices has begun with water development and cross fencing initiated.    

 We also strive to utilize humane treatment practices and consider our cattle’s health and welfare a top-level priority. In addition, we recognize the disparity between mass produced food versus the quality of home grown. We believe that most Americans perceive this as well and feel a tremendous disconnect from their food sources.  

While there’s no stopping the industrialization of food production, our goal is to quit contributing to that trend. Instead, we’ve chosen to focus on the value of retaining our cattle and sell them directly to consumers; people that are seeking a healthier protein, free of hormones and antibiotics. We know that we can provide beef that’s worthy of its price, that’s flavorful, tender and can be enjoyed knowing that it’s ranch-raised in an ethical manner.

With those values in mind, a 6th generation family member, Madison, seeking to continue the agriculture tradition she was raised in, her 5th generation Mother, Janell, with business/bookkeeping experience and her 4th generation Grandmother, Laura, a retired health care worker who has seen first-hand how poor diets produce chronic health conditions, collectively conspired to form a 3 generation, women owned, family business designed to meet and hopefully exceed those values.

We are pleased to introduce ourselves to you as the proud owners/employees of

Yes Ma’am Country Harvest