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Yes Ma'am Country Harvest

Half Beef (Deposit)

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Grain or Grass Fed

Yes Ma'am Beef in your freezer at $10.00/lb 

$600 is the Initial Deposit. Final payment is due just before your beef is delivered. 

The Half Beef package is perfect for a medium size family. This offer requires 6-8 cubic feet of freezer space, approximately 50% of a large upright or chest freezer. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a consistent supply of delicious beef to enjoy and a large amount of varying cuts for meal planning? No more worrying about price increases and limited supplies at your local grocery store!   


Our Half Beef provides a variety of cuts and approximately: 

  • 25% steaks: Rib, New York Strip, Filet Mignon & Sirloin Steaks (2 per package), Cube Steaks, & Flank/Skirt.
  • 35% savory cuts & roasts: Chuck, Sirloin Tip, Rump & Arm Roasts, Brisket, London Broil Short Ribs, Beef Shanks/Soup Bones, Kabob Meat & 1 lb. packages of Stew Meat
  • 40% ground beef: 1lb. packages/90% lean

  How it works:

  1. Reserve your beef by placing a deposit online.
  2. After your deposit is paid, we remain in contact by providing you updates on what stage of the process your beef is in and when your order is ready to deliver.
  3. Our ranch will continue raising your beef using our high-quality practices to produce the healthiest, best-tasting beef.
  4. You will receive a final invoice when your beef is ready, to be paid in full prior to pick-up.
  5. You will be contacted to schedule a pick-up time for our local patrons.

 Price Includes:

  • All butchering and processing fees
  • Dry aging for optimal flavor and tenderness for 21 days.
  • All items are professionally vacuum-sealed and labeled to include names of individual cuts and weights
  • All meat is flash-frozen to preserve freshness, quality, and flavor for +12 months in your freezer!
  • 100% No Risk, Satisfaction Guarantee: Customer service is our #1 priority! If you’re not satisfied with your order or if it arrives in poor condition, please contact us and we will make it right!



Care Instructions